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Generate inbound demand with educational thought leadership webinars.

Showtime Webinars is a fully produced & directed inbound webinar program that consistently delivers 70-200+ high quality prospects to your marketing & sales funnel.

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You're in good company.

Our inbound marketing programs have helped great companies take their sales prospecting game to the next level.

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The problem

The information economy is a very noisey place. It's becoming harder and harder to get the attention of quality prospects.

Attention from buyers of complex purchases have become a scarce commodity. How will you break through the noise?

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The solution

Imagine if you had a system to consistently move high quality prospects into your marketing & sales funnel?

Imagine if you had a team that did most of the leg work? Imagine being able to capture and track 200+ quality leads every 8-10 weeks? Enter Showtime Webinars.

Secret Sauce

How it works:

We direct & produce a 3-part webinar mini-series that focuses on bringing substantial thought leadership educational value to your ideal customers while they are in the online research phase of their complex buying decision. The whole program is 4 steps:

1-2 weeks


1. Design

We interview you on 3 hot industry topics of your choice and draft 3 presentation outlines (one for each webinar). We then work with you to design the webinar presentations.

2 weeks


2. Promote

We run a 2-week, hyper-targeted omni-channel promotion program that typically gets 80-200+ signups depending on the industry and topics.

1-3 weeks


3. Showtime LIVE WEBINAR

After running through a brief practise session, you host the live 1-hour webinar (1 webinar per week, usually on Thursdays).

3 weeks


4. Sales Follow-Up + ON-DEMAND REPLAYS

After each webinar, we partner with you to personally follow-up with each attendee and make the webinar(s) available on-demand to new prospects.

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The result?

Our webinar program delivers an average of 70-200+ high quality prospects into your marketing & sales funnel.

In addition to the webinar itself, you will have the ability to track the web browsing activities of each attendee on a first-name basis so you can optimize your sales process at the individual level.

Presentation designs that are second to none.

Choose from 1 of 10 world class presentation styles and work with us to create magic.

  • We style the decks to match your firm's branding
  • All decks are built in Google Slides. We colaborate with you in real-time during the design phase.
  • Re-use/re-vamp decks for future use as many times as you need.

Open your webinars with a bang.

Choose from 1 of 10 cinematic openers that visualy showcase your firm and generate a buzz before you step in and kick things off.

  • We style the opener to match your firm's branding
  • Great for key stats, opening quotes, and history tidbits.
  • Plays right before you start presenting

A delightful experience for guests & hosts alike.

Our webinar programs are powered by BigMarker - the cleanest, most seamless webinar platform available.

  • Beautiful, high-converting registration pages.
  • Engaging webinar sessions with live polls, Q&A, and resource attachments.
  • Like numbers? Dive into post webinar analysis and see how you performed at a granular level.
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We measure what matters.

We measure & report on program success by optimizing for the following 12 Key Performance Indicators:

Total Spend

The all-in cost of the program, including fees to us, and the advertising click budgets charged direct through your social accounts.

Advertising Click-Through-Rate (CTR) We avg. 4.7x industry benchmark

This is every prospect we send to the webinar registration page from paid promotions, expressed as a percentage of all prospects who saw our promotions.

Registration Page Conversion Rate

This is every prospect that signs up for the webinar, expressed as a percentage of prospects that landed on the registration page. We aim for 40-60%.

Registration To Attendance Rate

This is every prospect that actually showed up for the webinar, expressed as a percentage of prospects that signed up. Industry average is 30%, we aim for 50-60%.

Cost Per Attendee

This is how much it cost "per head", just like a wedding. Calculate by taking total spend divided by total attendees.

Average View Time

How long into the webinar did your average attendee hang around for? If people are dopping off like flies in the first 10-min, Houston we have a problem!

Qualified Leads

How many of the webinar attendees would be considered sales-qualified? We optimize for this metric when establishing your promotion audience so we only draw attendance from a pool of ideal prospects.

Revenue Attributed

How much projected revenue is this webinar responsible for generating? We typically assume a mult-touch attribution model with 50% revenue credit going to the discovery touchpoint (the webinar) in the buyer's digital journey.

Webinar Return On Investment (ROI)

So, did this program breakeven? We determine this by dividing the Revenue Attributed metric with the Total Spend metric. (eg. $240,000 Revenue Attributed / $25,000 Total Spend = 960% ROI)

How do we measure up with the industry?

Traction House consistently outperforms the industry standards on several important webinar benchmarks.

Advertising Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This addresses the question of how efficiently we are able to move premium traffic from social channels onto your webinar registration page. The Linkedin industry average is 0.183%*. We average 0.862%.



Webinar Registrations

The industry average webinar registration is 120 signups*. We average 230.


*Source: Go To Webinar

These guys are onto something substantial. They understand the shift taking place in the industry and are well positioned to help out. Always great working with this team.
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David H. Hay

Chief Investment Officer, Pacific Highlands Capital


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Single Webinar:

$ 5,900 USD + $1,800 minimum advertising click budget*

One full webinar program lifecycle including design, promotion, hosting, follow-up, and on-demand replays. Single webinars typically generate 70+ quality prospects to your marketing & sales pipeline.

*Click budget is charged directly to your social media ad manager accounts.

3-Part Mini Series:

$ 15,000 USD + $3,000 minimum advertising click budget* Save 15%

Ready to take your webinar game to the next level? Our mini series is 3 program lifecycles including design, promotion, hosting, follow-up, and on-demand replays. The webinar mini-series typically generates 200+ quality prospects to your marketing & sales pipeline.

*Click budget is charged directly to your social media ad manager accounts.

Am I a good fit for Showtime Webinars?

Our webinar program has been built from the ground up to help businesses that sell complex offerings communicate their brand, personality, and thought leadership value to their ideal customers.

Showtime Webinars Ideal Clients:
  • Sell a complex product/service that requires your buyers to move through a learning curve in order to make a purchase decision.

  • Has a team member on staff who would make a good webinar presenter - someone with a strong command of relavant industry topics and can articulate the value proposition of the offering in a compelling and energetic way.

  • Has a proven track record of sales success where the economics of $7-$20k spend in exchange for 70-200+ quality prospects make sense from an ROI perspective.

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